I am a self-taught artist, initially drawn to experiment with pastels and colored pencil, and now working with acrylic on canvas. My art speaks for itself - but there are a few things I would like to add.

The intention of my art is to help us remember the love and freedom that is the core of our being and that we are multi-dimensional beings of light existing in many worlds simultaneously. We can develop within ourselves the ability to remember and function from this vastness and power of our spirit and bring heaven on earth into our lives.

Our challenge is to clear enough of the limiting fears, conditioning, addictions, pain, and abuse we have embodied, and to gather the clarity and strength necessary to let go of identifying with our personal history - who we think we are - so we can lift the veils over our perception and reveal our miraculous potential.

The beauty and abundant selfless giving of nature and the planet is humbling and has been a great teacher to me. Growing up in the Northwest among the snow-clad mountains and rich forests has been soothing and healing. It has opened inner doors for me.

To see and experience myself as mountains, sky, sun, rain, eagle and hummingbird - as everything around me - and to feel myself to be transparent as if the light of the sun was going right through me, spontaneously finding myself infolded in a state of pure joy, bliss and happiness as if touched by some angelic hand - this has happened to me more then once.

Life presents a quest to move beyond accepted and assumed beliefs of what reality is and what we truly are. By the time most of us reach adulthood, our awareness has narrowed and many limitations and walls are in place. These are usually a result of fear and pain, and of what we think is expected of us. We often define our lives and awareness into small worlds of the safe and the known.

I was inspired early in my life by a feeling of existence beyond the boundaries of my body, in worlds only the heart can perceive.

I struggled to live and grow in the so-called "real world," a world filled with the stress of conditional love, fear, rejection and competition that is difficult for so many of us and creates so much suffering.

As I matured and grew in awareness I learned to embody the attitude of the warrior and take the wounding of my heart and mind, and sometimes body, and transform it into the fuel necessary to reach greater levels of understanding and compassion. I worked to develop the skill to walk in the inner and vaster worlds of spirit that is the source and guiding light of my art.

I sense, as many of us do, that we are being offered opportunities to see more clearly and deeply into the nature of ourselves and of our connection with everything. Indeed, that we are everything we see and experience. The veils are being lifted and many blessings, as well as challenges, await us in this time of planetary crisis.

Our future selves are calling us. Calling us to remember the way we already know, the way we have already taken.



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