Giclée on Canvas
Image Size: 24"x 36"
Price: $320 includes shipping in continental US

Vision of the Mountain Eagle

soaring in the lofty heights
the eagle
symbol and soul
of the seeker of truth
the pilgrim on the path of awakening
into mastery and surrender

the stillness of the mountains
timeless and eternal
the qualities the mind must embrace
to flow into the emptiness
that leads to the clarity
that opens the fullness that awaits

and the vision expands
revealing the ever-present connectedness
of all beings, places and worlds
layered and coming together
in the union of awareness attained
that lead the seeker to understanding himself
as living and being in all things everywhere
offering up the illumination attained to all

like passionate lovers
creating bliss in their union
the awakened one finds his own face
shining in the stars
that glow brighter in the acknowledgement

his body begins to flow
in and out of oceans depth
the mother of all life
from form to formless and back again
flowering in everything
unlimited in life
free and trusting in death
within and beyond everything
found, lost and found again
as compassion unfolding itself endlessly
in ever deeper ways